I’m likely the most delinquent blog poster in the blog-world, but this, I have to address. A couple of my friends who have read the blog question how it is that I can be blogging about food, when I am so deathly devoted to eating well and pursuing a healthful diet. I mean, food is about enjoyment and indulgence. It’s almost a contradiction to talk about healthy luscious food / unreal, full flavour and mouthfeel, right? I feel as though I am feeling a disjunct between my loyalties to eating good tasting food and healthful food.

To expand on this, my nutrition background has made me conscious of what I am willing to eat on a daily basis. Have you ever been told ‘all things in moderation’? Well, what does that moderation look like and at what point does it become a detriment to your health? The meals I mention are not ones I would eat everyday. If that were the case I would be concerned about the through-the roof sugar, saturated fat, and sodium levels. A balanced diet is still the ultimate goal, here.

To ignore the needs of your body nutritionally is neglect, but the responsibility is yours to also choose foods and a diet that are going to allow you to feel the best your body can feel. So, yes… eating out can be great fun, relationship-building, indulgent, and social; but enjoying food and being conscious of all the senses that it tickles makes me all the more conscious of each food that you put in your body and how that is going to benefit you.

Some days taste is going to take precedence over health, some days it goes hand in hand. But nothing comes without sacrifice, a healthful diet takes so much discipline. That doesn’t mean I can’t taste food and hone my palate to enjoy food to its max! Just a choice.

Clara, burgers yes. Albeit, rare. I think it’s an experience to be had, just not every week. 🙂

Make your own food guide! Do you know what balance looks like?

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2 thoughts on “DILEMMA

  1. Jeremy Ho says:

    I agree with what you said. Going out to eat, enjoying the experience and paying attention to what you are eating can have positive effects down the road. By being conscious of taste, texture, mouthfeel, richness etc. instead of just wolfing down food, you begin to build your palate in a way that allows you to start distinguishing a meal made with real, fresh ingredients to processed, lower quality food. Too many times people enjoy eating out but do not actually pay attention to what they eat and what they put in their mouths (wink), but once you do you can start to notice discrepancies that push people to prefer more wholesome foods.

    • Vania says:

      Thx j @ palettetraining. Someone who appreciates and understands.
      point is the wholesome food can be nutritious. consciousness in taste and feel-goodness 🙂

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