25 Things to Eat, Drink, and Cook in 2012 In the Magazine: bonappetit.com

25 Things to Eat, Drink, and Cook in 2012 In the Magazine: bonappetit.com.

It’s late in the night now, and since I can’t sleep, I’m here dreaming of all the food to come in 2012. One particularly interesting thing mentioned here on the top 25 things to eat is#6. “Lap Cheong” sweet pork cured sausage. It got me a little excited, because there’s lots of hype about chorizo, panchetta, droewors, and what have you but never a peep about the chinese version. Every culture has its own version of preserved/cured/fermented meat sausage with its variation of flavours. I suppose it made the meat and protein source accessible in the past when refrigeration was less prevalent.

I avoided Lap Cheong like the plague in high school because of its saturated fat content (and maybe a little bit of disordered eating), but now as I reflect on my childhood, it brings back pretty awesome memories of sweet sweet sausage and salty egg on steamed rice. Do you know what I mean?

Just fond memories I want to share, that’s all.

May I also mention…

#16. Scotch Eggs – We have recently fallen in LOVE with these thanks to Mel’s mention and my introduction to them at Pichet in Dublin. More on that later.

#23. the Layover – Quick shoutout to J&S who have recently introduced me to Anthony Bourdain’s travel show, where he literally eats his way through each city in the span of hours. … it’s like, an eating marathon. Definitely watch this if you are a hungry traveler!

25 Things to Eat, Drink, and Cook in 2012 In the Magazine: bonappetit.com

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