Char Pop Here we come!

Last night was amazing. I have few words to describe the atmosphere of the last night at CharPop. The small store-front and commercial kitchen of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery was transformed into a restaurant, seating 60, with a bustling kitchen open to the crowd. The shouted orders, “service”, and … the odd Sweet bread on the fly, made it pretty intimate. When dinner service was nearly finished, the dinner crowd of the last night of Char pop rose to a standing ovation.

We had almost everything on the menu, and the sweetbread that was accidentally dropped at our table, turned out to be the perfect mistake! – More FOOD! I’m not even embarrassed to say that gluttony was the least of our concerns. (I’ll work out tomorrow, and I pre-worked out for this!) I had a Pinot Noir but the Shiraz was so popular they sold out.

The concept of a limited availability, time sensitive, highly creative collaboration between industry innovators like Charcut’s Connie DeSousa, John Jackson, Grant Van Gameren, and Aviv Fried owner and mastercraft of Sidewalk Citizen’s was a smashing success. In conversation, it was mentioned that thousands of emails were received within 2 minutes of reservations being made available. Although there is much talk about the heightened demand created here, I think the hype is real and the marketing seems to be working just fine. I was a bit skeptical of the excitement, I mean, it’s good food but would it be as good as the hype? Let’s just say they didn’t disappoint, the flavours were spectacular. (See Menu below)

Baked Kale Salad- Light acidity, nutty, with farro - King mushroom and Persimon!

Foie Gras and Blood Sausage-Oh the Richness! Perfected bread was crisp and amazing sweet savoury goodness, rutabaga purée was slightly pungent but paired perfectly with blood sausage.

Cinnamon Bun in a mini Staub Castiron- Homemade Rum & Raisin Gelato


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