Macaron Love from #yyc

I’m still running off the high of tonight’s macaron date with miss Kim. Something I endeavour to do is be more spontaneous with posting in hopes of posting more often.*fingers crossed* I haven’t gotten over my self- consciousness of posting things made by me. I love to cook and bake, but by no means am I a pro. I pride myself in, yes, CONSUMING the food; giving a bit of tasting notes and highlighting anything about food origins science/mechanics/nutrition that I can add without being too boring.

My friend Kim is currently studying in the Pastry Arts program at SAIT. We often share ridiculous, over-the-top, obsessive conversations about her food. K is my only justification for segueing into posting photos of my own food. Why?: because I can explore with someone who is actually studying the artistry of pastry & food, and can be detail oriented about the aesthetics and taste of what’s going on.

Tonight, she graciously shared her recipe developed by pastry chef Victoria German. I don’t have a recipe for you, but just some photos of our Macarons a la Mint Chocolate Ganache. The macarons were a bit crackly and a tad to much in the height, so still learning and perfecting the technique as usual, but the discussion of the characteristics of a perfect macaron were invigorating.

Macaron date again, soon! ❤

If you are looking at a great recipe, one place to start is Planet Food Fabulous

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