Holidays at Fallon & Byrne

One of Dublin’s Fine Food & Wine Market, Fallon & Byrne put on a ‘meet the producers’ evening.  Being new to the city, I felt that it was great exposure to some of the local food.

We met included some local producers; amazing cheese makers, like Dominique Bouchait ‘meileur Ouvrier de France class Fromager 2011′ best cheese French Cheese maker 2011. Took home only a taste of Napoleon cheese made with sheep’s milk, but it was a delightful night full of christmas gift ideas.  Snacks from ‘the GOOD SNACK co.’ and Spice sachets from ‘Green Saffron’.
I am sensing that Ireland has much fresher food than we do in the mid-permafrost prairies of Alberta, but that might just be perception.  Great holiday selection of wines, and don’t forget about your mulled wines. (Can’t Wait!)  Convenience foods are definitely not lost here- Fallon & Byrne has in-house prepared liver paté, christmas pudding, tahini, pesto and more.  And lastly, who could forget a flashy pour-over bar right?  Thanks to the Hasbeen coffee beans they sell we were able to partake in some deliciousness!  I would say there are many more cafe’s to check out in this city – today I’m going off to Brother Hubbard.

Still searching for more Food and Coffee adventures! Send them my way. Also drop me a line and tell me how you’re all doing!

STAY TUNED for: HOMETOWN HEROES –  a highlight of influential people in Calgary. 

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