WEiRD & RAVeNOUS Roasted Cauliflower

Good lazy Sunday to you…

I haven’t yet been adventurous enough to share my own recipes with you yet, but here is a very whimsical video I found on roasting cauliflower.  The way they plate this makes it easy to do, and beautiful with all the colours.  Bet this dish is nutty, sweet, acidic, and roasty!

Here’s to those who love pretty food, simple food, and roasted cauliflower.

Cauliflower from Weird & Ravenous on Vimeo.

According to Food52, Weird and Ravenous consists of Cleo Brock-Abraham and Julia Turshen; two best friends behind the production company that makes fresh content about food and the relationships it inspires. With a careful understanding of the many factors that go into preparing a meaningful meal, Weird & Ravenous is stirring the pot.

Thank goodness for people who love food and so believe in the relationships that it can forge.


One thought on “WEiRD & RAVeNOUS Roasted Cauliflower

  1. ophelia poon says:

    I just bought a pomegranate, and I have some cauliflower handy. Will try tomorrow.

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