Wanna see Pics from Pop-up Porky-Pork?

Hours: One-time Lunch & Dinner

Reservations: Yes

Meals:  Lunch & Dinner

Likelihood to return: 3.5/5

Food/Coffee: Food 4,  Coffee  No coffee

Chillness: 4 chill chairs

Highlights:  Pork Loin, Black Pudding with Turnip purée. Quince jelly, lightly pickled butternut squash au jus, embellished with leaves of Brussels sprouts and chorizo.


Sunday night was the second ever, UPdn Pop-up restauarant event (twitter: @UpDn_Events).  Luckily for me, my husband is a food enthusiast and forged a path in Dublin before I arrived.

This is their second iteration, with a creative team consisting of Chefs Steven Gibson & Matt Perry (twitter: @stephenskitchen @mattperry81) and other  members of the Pichet powerhouse. (If you’re curious, check out previous PICHET post)

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a hot glass of mulled cider. Canapés of Pork crackle, topped with pieces of spiced poached apple accompanied.    For those of you who aren’t familiar with this festive drink, it typically consists of cinnamon, clove and oher christmas spices heated in wine or cider.   This was a nice toasty drink for all the guests coming in from the blowing rain.

Before we continue further and you wonder why all the dishes have one similarity to them, I should probably tell you that that the theme was “Homage to the Pig”.


First course: Breaded Pork Ears with Aioli 

I had two pieces, with the first one being a little less crunch than I would have liked, but I’m definitely won over  – I would try pork ear again anytime!  The second one was had a good  crunchy texture with a slight give before it melts in your mouth.  Similar to calamari.

Second: Consommé of Mushrooms and Roast Pork with a Dumpling of Braised PORK.

This was a very asian inspired with enoki & shiitaki mushrooms,  five spice notes, and savoury sweetness.  Delicately flavoured and topped off with a moist, moan-worthy dumpling. A little more  pork crunch from the roasted pork ‘siu yok’ – it was a nice piece from home.

Third: Pulled Pork Sliders with shaved Apple & Fennel Slaw 

Being many people’s favourite, this was a crowd pleaser!  The presentation set the stage, who serves sliders on planks of wood wrapped in foil?!  Bold.  The tangy sauce with the sweet spicy slaw was delicious.  I was slightly disappointed with the texture of the bun and the semi-warm temperature, but I think they do a very great job at presentation.

Fourth: Parmesan Sage Risotto with Crunchy Pork crackle with Pork hock 

Fifth: Pork Loin, Black Pudding with Turnip purée. Quince jelly, lightly pickled butternut squash au jus, embellished with leaves of Brussels sprouts and chorizo. 

This one really knocked it out of the park.  The most notable dish with different flavours and textures.  The turnip puree had such a thick and smooth mouthfeel, I couln’t perceive how they would have incorporated so much air.  Whipped to perfection, some emulsifying cheats? – Let me know.  Plating was pretty and colourful.  Black pudding is very common in this part of the world, so it was really nice to finally get to try some!  (I’ve seen it everyhwere, but haven’t tried any till now)

Now, I think you can safely say you’ve had your fill of Porky-pork.

Two-course Dessert Menu:

Coconut sorbet with cubed pineapple, Passionfruit Jelly Vanilla bean Cheesecake 

Very Hawaiin coconut and pineapple, but the fruity ices cleaned our palates for the tropical passionfruit cheesecake.  Good thing I didn’t have to choose a cheesecake this time.

Black Forest Gateau 

Cute deconstructed presentation.  I liked that it was rustic and personal.  Enjoyed the vanilla custard.

This is our first official date night, more to come 🙂

Don’t forget to RT and LIKE the blog if you LIKE the wire pig that the talented designer Claire Morrissey made! Amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Wanna see Pics from Pop-up Porky-Pork?

  1. Matt says:

    Hi thanks for the great review glad you enjoyed the night! If you want I could send you the exact menu wording for your write up as there are a couple of incorrect things, so glad you both had a great night, keep on eating! Matt

  2. Conor says:

    lovely little review! thanks for the photos as I took none myself, I think the turnip puree your referring to was actually marmite puree, I only remember as Id never heard of it before. How did you find the risotto? I thought it was incredible, and that’s coming from a person who has never ordered it let alone liked it!

    • Vania says:

      Great, glad you enjoyed the photos as that’s the way I document all things I eat and make (cook/bake). I am working on geting the descriptions, didn’t hear the description. But if it was indeed marmite, I would be surprised. Risotto was very pretty and delicious – similar style to the pichet one. 🙂 Good day.

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