Hometown Heroes #YYC – Food, Coffee, Life & Beyond

Hometown Heroes: Open Minds

One thing that i have noticed about the recent Calgary food scene is that it is seriously exploding. Surely this hasn’t happened overnight, but it is thriving, increasingly more and more invigorating to see.

It is full of

Innovative & new- 

expanding the horizon-  

pushing the envelope-

thinking out of the box-


I am inspired by the new risks being taken.

As a transition to my new home in Dublin, I have decided to pay a symbolic homage to my hometown, Calgary– mourning it by highlighting a few people in our food, coffee, and restaurant scene.  As I complete of each biography in this piece,  I am so encouraged to have encountered these people in our city.  In most cases, we sat down for a conversation over coffee and these are the stories.

One thing I’ve observed of all these people, is how honestly sincere and genuine they all are to give their time and share with you. – share their skill, appreciation, passion, and time with you.  The second thing I have observed is how truly humble each of these individuals is; even after they have received glowing recognition for their work.

I am so stoked to be sharing their stories with you.  I hope that you will be inspired as I have been, and that it would be instrumental and meaningful to encourage you to experience more in the city where you live.

We will release one biography every two days until we have completed the series.

RT  with #HtH or #LMSF & Comment throughout the series for a chance to WIN a brand new copy of your choice of John Gilchrist’s Cheap Eats: Calgary or My Favourite Restaurants. Unlimited entries.    

Can’t wait to hear from all of you #YYC & beyond! 

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