Irish Aeropress Championships – It’s Coffee Competition Season! #IAC

Life Update: this is what I’ve been doing recently, with my life. 

Hi guys,

S found this the other day, i.e. yesterday and sent this to me laughing that ‘I had been caught in the act of making bad aeropress.’  Although I don’t make that much coffee, I love being part of the great community dedicated to excellence in specialty coffee; where people do want to do better all the time, and try new and progressive things.  I love this three minute movie because it makes the event look like soo much fun.

Basically you have 8 minutes to brew an aeropress, however you choose (inverted, not inverted, any method & time).  Three judges blind taste the cups & 1, 2, 3… point to the one they think is the tastiest, most balanced, well-extracted coffee.

Thanks Lorcan for setting it up, but all the sponsors, judges, and competitors for the great craic! Good Luck at World’s, Mashbeard 😉

Beautiful space: by Roasted Brown Cafe


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