Catalunya, Spain obliterates my liver – Week 1

I wrote this a week ago, but never ended up posting.  Welcome back everyone!

I’ve been wanting to share where we’ve been the last week.  A quick blurb, Sunday we had a 6am flight that we nearly missed! So we were almost not at all in Spain.  We started in Barcelona seeing the sights of the Sagrada Familia & Gaudi.  I’m glad that this time around we have guided tours, the last couple times I have been unmotivated to explore the city beyond the hop-on hop-off bus.


This time, beyond just a great design city I’ve begun to understand the catalan culture, modern design and I am finally learning to appreciate  Gaudi’s influence on design throughout the city from the residences to the garden (Parc Guell) and the iconic Palau de la Musica Catalana.  I  am more and more in awe of his mimicking of nature as seen in his tree-like pillars of the Sagrada Familia.


This trip is focused mainly on food & wine, which makes it perfect!

Wine count: 17

Food count: one michellin star, and three samplings of modernist catalan cuisine so far!
Gelonch, Alkimia, Tickets, here we come.


Here we have a little taste of our goodies from La Boqueria, the market in Barcelona, which looks amazingly unchanged since last May when we visited. As S’ dad said, even the fruit stands are selling the same mangoes in the same place! Also a a sampling of our food and wine from Tickets, and foreshadowing of PRIORAT!


From Barcelona, we headed to the Priorat wine region through the hills of Montsant (holy mountain).  We have seen the town of Falset, and stayed in the cutest little town Gratalopps.  With its narrow cobblestone streets and hilly landscape, you really get a feel for the landscape and how hilly this area really is.  The wines in this region are known to have high minerality and low producing vinces.  It was amazing to see each and every one of the wineries has vines that are terraced in to the hill.  What’s even more spectacular, are the sights and the drive up to these little towns.  The towns are all tiny, hilly, red-toped & nestled in the between rows of terraced vineyards, olive groves, and other nut trees.  I’ve never seen anything like it; arid and winding.  More pictures to come and we’ll try to share each special meal or winery with you!

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One thought on “Catalunya, Spain obliterates my liver – Week 1

  1. Emmet Ryan says:

    Bring me back some chorizo.

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