PART II: Hawaii Honeymoons, Hunnies & Hot eat-your-face-off-tips!

ALOHA,  welcome to the second Hawaii post of promised high traffic go-to’s!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Flo & Jimmy on their big day and we hope you have a fabulous time in Hawaii.

Also, don’t forget to check out PART I:  Hawaii Honeymoons, Hunnies & Hot eat-your-face-off-tips! 

Tip 5: Tourist duty – visit Mama’s Fishouse 
Mama's Fish House on Urbanspoon

Apparently Jack Johnson, no…. Owen Wilson has been rumoured to frequent this area in Paia.  Although the experience is personal and the meal is truly enjoyable, the prices are quite hefty.  For example, they import a rare breed lobster from South Africa for $70, but S having true South African roots had to give that a try.  Don’t forget the daily breathtaking sunsets, valet service, and double hosts to make sure you get the right table! They make their own in-house honey loaf to start the meal off.

Hawaii Mamas



Tip 6: Visit a Luau 

There are several luaus in Maui and they all include feasting, dancing, and some Polynesian culture.  The only difference is in the experience.  Most of them are bench seating or group seating at a table where you meet others and share the feast.  We were recommended to try Feast at Lele, which promises you your own table, feast at sunset with singing dancing and flame throwing!  It was an amazing experience with local polynesian food.  They welcome you with a drink and bring you to your seat.  You are served a set menu and drinks are all included except for the premium ports.


In the photos:

– Banana & sweet potato chips with tropical salsa seaweed

To highlight the beautiful island home of Hawaii with chant(oli), song (melee), and dance (hula).  They honour the natural beauty surrounding the island.

– Pohole fern, asparagus & heart of palm salad

– seared island catch with mango sauce

– kalu’a Pork prepared in a traditional slow roasted in an imu oven under ground

– poi made from taro


New zealand portion

– country green duck salad w/ poha berry dressing

– harore kumara (roasted mushroom w/ sweet potato)

– kuku patties (fish of the day)


beautiful views at the LuauIMG_5012




Tip 7: Sensei in Kehei

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

I was told several times over to check out the sushi at Sensei.  I figured with the Japanese influence in Maui, we had to try their sushi.  We had a great time with some cold unfiltered Sake and the sushi was fresh.  It wasn’t Japan but pretty great fish and relaxed atmosphere.  Pay special attention to their specials, they have 50% off on Mondays and a special for the first ½ hour.  808-879-0004




Honourable Chill Chair Mentions: 

Fish Burgers & Tacos at
Paia Fish Market, 100 Baldwin Avenue Paia

For a casual lunch date, we definitely would recommend this drop-in restaurant.  Tasty and affordable!
Paia Fish Market on Urbanspoon


Fancy dinner at the “Grand Wailea hotel”

– bit too grand, very Las Vegas esque.  It was an asian inspired restaurant called “Amasia” headed up by celebrity chef Alan Wong.

In the photos: an oyster shot in tomato water- was a very sweet and subtle oyster with little brine.

Also tomato soup & sandwich reinvented, with kalua pig. Roasted King mushrooms and an unforgettable dumpling in broth.




Haliimaile General Store – great meal, we found it creamy and quite filling though.  Started with some calamari, ended with a thai curry… in Hawaii, go figure!  Halimale Gen

LAST TIP: If you are interested in watching the sunrise in Maui, definitely worth it.  We recommend dressing very warm, as if for winter, to go to the high altitudes.  What is NOT recommended, is doing the bike ride down the mountain after having 4 hours sleep.  Bikes are dodgy and so is the car traffic going around you on the road.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to B & M who fed our hungry bellies and gifted us great meals all trip.  All the recommendations were collected from a pool of highly trained family and friend foodies (aka Hawaii veterans).   Thanks for sharing in our food photos and I hope you will have some special plans of your own!



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