Musashi IFSC – Sushi

musashi 1b


[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service: attentive and friendly, though it ought to be with J2 sushi down the street. 😉

Likelihood to return: 4/5

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5

Chillness: 4 chill chairs! quiet dates for now.

Highlights:  Spider roll meets Seafood Futomaki – soft-shell crab and multi sashimi

Only complaint: the gigantic pink hued lights making the space a little 80’s feeling but overall a very nice location.


Sean and I have an old tradition, started years ago of Friday night sushi dates. (credit:B&M and Mikado)
In recent months, I feel like sushi among other ethnic cuisines in Dublin, is really taking off.  We have found some sushi to hit the spot when the cravings come-on hard 😉 Maybe we’ll go through our Dublin Sushi adventures another time.

Musashi has been our long-time go-to for sushi.  The downside of the Capel street location; hectic, rushed, busy, impossible to get a seating.  Pros are that they have great fish, pretty authentic rolls, free first cup of tea, and can i mention BYOB policy?! It’s a great place if you would like atmosphere and bustle, but if you are looking for large-party booking or a quiet intimate sushi date this makes it particularly difficult.  (Pro-tip: have i mentioned that Sushi is the worst first-date food? If you are a shy eater or if you’re concerned about looking like a cow, scarfing a whole piece of sushi is tricky.  Biting through nori (seaweed) can also be tricky if it’s not crunchy and fresh.  This is the best collaboration of things that make sushi good for us- in Dublin.  The rice is the right texture & taste.  Fish is good. Price is fair.

IFSC Musashi, you are the perfect answer to all the aforementioned issues!
Sane, calm, service-centred, and the same food – if not improving upon the existing menu.
They ask you if you’d like drinks to start off, there are kegs of Kirin, Asahi, etc.  and they come back to check on you often.  The atmosphere is still quiet at this new location, but in time I’m sure it will pick up being on the Luas line and in the IFSC.  They are so much more detail oriented, probably due to the fact they have the moment to ask you how you’re enjoying your meal


One thing in particular that I enjoy is the customisable hand cones.  TEMAKI are a sushi’s answer to the burrito, Dubliners 😉 You pick it up and eat it with your hands! The best part is you can choose what kind of fish you want in it, it’s all up to you.  FUTOMAKI is just a giant house-special roll – so depending on the fish of the day, you may get a mix of fish.  Here we have salmon, tuna, shrimp, and kamaboko.  

I’ll leave you with a weird shot from the walk home.



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