Worthwhile Weekends

Couple weeks ago, I happened upon a good few food events/talks and since then I have been on a weekend-high! Trying to keep the positivity going around, I wanted to share with you my take on ‘Worthwhile Weekends’. The goal is to allow you to have time to refocus on what you’d like to do – if you’re lucky enough to have a weekend to yourself take advantage. Once the work-week starts, there really isn’t time to take a breath. Week1_2
Lessons from last weekend:

1) There is only one way to kick off a weekend, Lemon Curd Donuts.

2) Everyone deserves a quiet, romantic, place of retreat for your wine & chats

3) Sausage balls on instagram get you infinitely more likes than – selfless.

4) Häagen-Dazs helps even the simplest of us simpletons to enjoy ice cream at its best – why can’t we all do this better – simple messages

5) 115 km on the road bike, is very far.

There is so much of Ireland that I haven’t seen, but this weekend I’ll be making my way to London see you all soon.

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