two years, still standing or should i say eating.

My word, has it already been that?

Two years, we’re officially toddlers at marriage – obviously we can’t actually be experienced enough to give you any advice on marriage 😉 I can, however, say that marriage in my mind has been a completely different ‘ball game’ to dating. Long distance and dating for what seemed like forever (6yrs) was quite a journey but I’m thankful for the friends and family that constantly supported us. One of the things that I really appreciate about our relationship is that S always gives me the room to be my own person and encouragement to pursue my dreams, being the very assertive person that I am.

Now that I followed him to Dublin, he gets to be home – how does that work, you tell me?! Moving half-way around the world has been quite the adventure to take together but at least he does the dishes! Lucky for you, S, we both love Dublin and it has quickly become home for us.

Happy Anniversary! Glad that you inspire me to take ‘some’ risks and be… creative in all things food & photography.

[2 years ago]: we blogged our photos, but when I moved the blog, not all of them came through so here are a few from the day that was a dream!

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