Rothar Africa

201 days, 11,515km & 11 countries!


A few of my friends took a long journey, cycling from Cairo, Egypt to Capetown, South Africa.

I am completely inspired by their journey after watching their footage of all the different terrain & funny creatures they saw along the way. Imagine travelling with everything you need, on your bike! I can barely camp (tent-style), but taking it all on to a bike in the middle of Africa instills fear in my heart! The solitude an emotional highs and lows of missing family, friends, home, and comfort would be daunting. Another really cool bit is seeing the different countries along the road that are coffee producing countries – as a lover of coffee, that is very exciting!

Why do something crazy?

Because it scares you and because it is AWESOME! They raised funds for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders and Room to Read.

Room to read is an organisation that promotes literacy and gender equality in education in Asia and Africa.

Doctors without borders is the worlds largest humanitarian medical NGO, and works in areas of distress, natural and man-made disaster or conflict. They do all this irrespective of race, religion, or political interest.

See the route here on the Irish Independent



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