Worthwhile Weekends in Dublin – Jen’s Hen

Another weekend.  Saturday night, you’re getting set for another night on the town. Couple weeks back we went out for my friend’s bachelorette, or as they call it here in Ireland (and this side of the pond, in general) – a Hen party.

**Tickets GIVEAWAY! ** – scroll to the end for deets on the LIQUOR ROOMS Sunday night bash!

Planning a hen? 5 Tips to having a great one.

no male strippers & no dangerous living, unless you count dancing dangerously awesome 😉

IMG_0631 Tip 1: 
Start drinking, start early.  
We started at VCC, one of our favourite places for a classic cocktail, tasty treats, and punch bowls.



Tip 2: 

Involve the groom 
As you do, always have a quiz or game ready to see if the couple really are a match made in heaven.
Make sure to have prizes! Pictured here, an extinguisher full of ‘screwdriver’



Tip 3: 
Have fantastic food – and/or fantastic slop that takes the cake
On this occasion we suggest the tastiest of burgers at *Rick’s burgers* after a little drinks top-up at Exchequer.

















Tip 4: 
Class it up with some burlesque 
No silly, I don’t mean to partake, I meant show up and get hot and bothered watching them talented ladies.  We were at the Button Factory for a special occasion burlesque show, lucky us! hear that feline roar.



Tip 5: 
Dance like there’s no tomorrow, 
because there’s nothing like a little limbo to loosen you up
We danced the night away with some nice shots & cozy dance floor at Ukiyo Bar; a sushi joint turned bar at night time.

That pretty much concludes our adventures in Dublin. We called it a night after all the early fun.

GIVEAWAY TIME: a nice friend at the Liquor Rooms has given me a few tickets to their Rock Your Northern Soul tomorrow night – free ‘Twisted Wheel’ Cocktail comment below or tweet me if you’re interested!


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