Create & Synthesise –

Cooking is a moral process, transferring raw material from ‘nature’ to the state of ‘culture’, and thereby taming and domesticating it… Food is therefore ‘civilised’ by cooking, not simply at the level of practice but at the level of imagination
(Lupton 1996, 2)

In my masters studies they’re looking for analysis & synthesis.

One thing I can do is analyse, but synthesis seems somewhat of an intangible art form!  I find it challenging to do so or maybe I ‘m not totally comfortable sharing. How does one define ‘synthesise’ – it means to form new ideas and create.

After a bit of critical analysis, I realised, Hey! I do really like building things and creating projects. So as a result i think I might just start sharing more; more recipes, more ideas…  I didn’t feel equipped to share my cooking, because I’m not trained in culinary nor do I work in a professional kitchen. I just spend a lot of time in our home kitchen.  Your tv time is like my hang-out time in the kitchen. We don’t even own a tv anymore.

One thing a friend, and life coach& psychologist told me has stuck with me, she said ‘you identify the moments when you’re creative by knowing when you’re working away and time just passes – without you noticing.’ These are times when you are at your creative best, what’s your creative best? – I wasn’t sure of the answer, but well I think it’s food.  It’s cooking, discussing, reading about, photographing, and analysing food!

So this is a very lengthy introduction to the recipes that will start appearing on the site periodically.

well, go’wwan what’s yours?

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