Sister Sadie, Brother Hubbard


One of Dublin’s foodie darlings, Brother Hubbard has taken the plunge like many other north-side businesses.  They have come to join us on the South side.  Isn’t it somewhat true that northies stay on the north and likewise for southies.  I frequent the north for a few reasons, different ethnic cultural food offerings, and different cafes and customer experience.  Trust me, it is different.

Well, the long awaited little Sister Sadie of Brother Hubbard has arrived as of a couple weeks ago, and know what?- We are overjoyed.  Not only do we now have Boojum burritos at our doorstep, among other quality establishments such as Busen Burger,  Etto & Ely wine bar, we have one of our favourite brunch spots.

IMG_1666-Edit IMG_1657

As of right now, they have the same menu but limited brunch items, including salad bar and tasty sambos but now, closer.  I have to admit that in two years there have been a handful of times that a Brother Hubbard brunch would have hit the spot really well, but the trek all the way across the river was just not going to happen.  So south-siders, and hopefully our Northie friends who want to come visit us 😉 join me in welcoming another fab food stop who also have a coffee-centric mantra.

There are maybe three or four places in Dublin that I would say take both their food and coffee very seriously.  These guys have worked very hard to be a real mainstay for serious food & coffee friends. Here’s the full Brother Hubbard menu.




[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service: quick sit down or take-away 

Likelihood to return: we’re neighbours, of course we’ll be back

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5, Coffee 4/5.

Chillness: 4 chill chairs!    


1. 3fe Brother Hubbard blend in a nice flattie (as Niall calls it) – i.e.) flat white, it’s nutty,
2. Rosted Aubergine with pom & parsley
3. Slow Roasted Pulled pork sandwich

IMG_1672 IMG_1661FullSizeRender-2


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