New Tasting experience – Ely Wine Bar

Details Below: How to Win 2 tickets to taste almost 100 wines of the Rhône Valley!


Ely Wine bar has been a name in existence to me since my first week in Dublin.  One of my friends was telling me how she’d been taken to the gastro bar on Grand Canal dock for a date, and I thought wow great view! However, since then I hadn’t made it to dine at any of the three locations. We all know where Ely Bar & Brasserie is in IFSC, but maybe it’s just the circles I run in, but we don’t get down to IFSC that often … unless its for sushi.

On a recent unexpected occasion, Jeri extended a fantastic welcome to us to join Ian, their sommelier & wine manager for a chat through some of their French wines.  Delighted, I brought my husband; who, to his credit has a single blog post on his wine blog 😉 and dabbles a little in the wine world of WSET accreditations just for the ‘lols’.  We love tasting events and relish any opportunity to discuss, deliberate, and expose our palates to more; more wines, more tastes, flavours, and descriptors! We love it all.


Ely Wine bar is located on Ely place, just a jaunt up from Baggot Street.  The intimate setting of the wine bar is in a Georgian house that looks a little like you’re walking into a solicitors office.  It opens to a bar and double Georgian doors  into a dining room with tall windows and a high ceiling, just how you expect those houses to be – and this, is why I love Dublin.  Enough detour, back to the wine.

The wines in the tasting were all from France.  The goal was to see some of the lesser known French varieties or regions.  So the following are what we tasted:

[1] 2013, Domaine Felines Jourdan Picpoul de Pinet, Coteaux du Languedoc
[2] 2013, Hugel ‘Gentil’, Alsace
[3] 2010, Domaine Charles Jouguet Chinon ‘Cufee Terroir’, Loire Valley
[4] 2010, Chateau Lab Baronne, Corbieres
[5] 2009, Domaine Moureau Madiran

The benefit of ‘off the beaten path’-wines are that you can get a quality and hand-crafted bottle of wine for more affordable prices.  This, in contrast to the usual big name ‘Burgundy’ or Bordeaux wines.

As is with most wine tastings, I think the discussion is as deep or shallow as the participants’ knowledge and interest.  Ian led us through the discussion and threw in some tidbits like to answer questions like ‘what the legs on a glass of wine mean’, etc.  [Answer: they glycerin content of the wine, which in part, has to do with sugar and alcohol but not always correlated with quality] As part of the tasting, we took a food break with charcuterie boards, calamari, and other tasty treats.

IMG_1687Ian has a broad base of experience working with wine, at one point he mentioned working at Chapter one.  Ian, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! We look forward to the new exciting selections to come!

ELY EVENT: The next event is Rhone Week Ireland on the 3-8th November. Ely is hosting a tasting where guests will have the opportunity to taste of 100 wines from the Rhone valley! and get this, I have 2 tickets for you to bring a friend or date, or that really special foodie oenophile… ie, please take me if you win.

Follow @lovemesaysfood on twitter. Retweet this post and tag a friend to bring, and name one variety of grape typically used in wines produced in the Rhone Valley.  Winner will be announced on the 29th of October.

For those who are more advanced and want to appreciate their wine with a bit of pzazz, they also have a Four-week wine appreciation course 
Every Tuesday (starting 13 Jan – 3 Feb, 2015)
Every Wednesday (starting 14th Jan – 4 Feb, 2015)

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2 thoughts on “New Tasting experience – Ely Wine Bar

  1. Jess O'Toole says:

    Oooh what a great giveaway! This is my favourite wine region. I love the earthy red blends from the South: merlot, cinsault, carignan…

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