How John Oliver nails it with sugar.

#SHOWUSYOURPEANUTS – click play below

3 days, 1.5 Million views, and well articulated message about our food.

John Oliver took on the issue of sugar in our diet and made a strong point, but also keeps us interested by being completely hilarious and very enjoyable.

I was blown away by the amount of truth and scientific evidence he used in 11 minutes, considering all points of view including industry, marketing, government, and special interest groups like the sugar association, Ocean Spray, and the American Beverage Association.

‘as it relates to obesity., there’s plenty of evidence to exonerate it [sugar] from obesity & diabetes’  – Sugar association

35% of sugar American’s consume are from sugar beverages

Sugar, a $5 billion dollar sugar industry, has “fought for decades to project their products’ health benefits,” once even touting sugar as a diet aid.



WHO & FDA warn about the implications of our over-consumption of sugar.

Now we’re not saying that corporate money distorts science, but when examining the findings from studies funded by companies with a conflicts of interest, he points to some evidence of biases (PLOS medical paper).

The 2013 paper showed that the link between sugar and weight gain was not conclusive in industry-funded studies, whereas it was clearly associated in other studies.

Nutrition labelling requirements – ‘added sugar’

Recently, there have been changes to both US & Irish food labelling requirements.  In the US, they are proposing to label ‘added sugars’ on the nutrition label. Now this is very topical and exciting; especially exciting for me because I used to review Nutrition labels!  John Oliver urges food companies to reveal how much sugar is in their product not in teaspoons or grams, but circus peanuts!! —  ON the MONEY, am I right?

FDA sounds like it’s being lobbied by all of industry to prevent demystifying the amount of hidden sugar.  The American Beverage Association wants grams instead of teaspoons, because they ‘carry unfair negative connotation’… right.  Who are we kidding! Do you know by looking at ’22 g’ of sugar what that amounts to? Nobody does.


A final shout out to Ocean spray, I bet when the new regulations come out, there will be an odd loop-hole that exempts ‘cranberry beverages’ from the declaration of sugar content – Just saying.

Favourite quote: ‘cranberries taste like cherry’s that hate you; they taste like what a raspberry drinks before a colonoscopy’

Overall, entertaining & very well researched rant.  Thanks John.







#Danonne, #showusyourpeanuts

Just a thought, if you had the equivalent of a canned beverage of ‘yogurt’, ie. 355mL, you would have 38 g of sugar! Coke has 25 g.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 16.16.03




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