NONG’S KHAO MAN GAI, Portland – sometimes asians just do it right

[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service: Goody, but a quicky – take-away 

Likelihood to return: next time we’re in Portland

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5, no coffee.

Chillness: 3 chill chairs!    


We were on a road trip travelling through Oregon last month.  Upon arriving in Portland for the first time in my adult life i was delighted with the city, I thought to myself ‘I could stay a while!’.  The food, the bikes, the conversations, well and the coffee! (we didn’t even get to the beer!!) I love this place.

On Sunday in Portland, not all the food carts are open – but a few things are VERY open; they are the donut shop, farmers market & Stumptown.

We arrived at Nong’s Restaurant, known for its speciality Thai Chicken rice. What started as a 9’ x 9’ food cart, has now evolved into two locations and a restaurant and small-batch packing facility.  It’s a great cheap-eat, casual and tasty.  Now if you’re not passionate about chicken or rice, or some variation of it served with broth, then… we really can’t be friends; all joking aside, they offer a vegetarian option and a more embellished option with the chicken livers etc.



The thing I most enjoyed about this experience was its no frills, no joke mentality.  They are here to master an authentic chicken rice, full of flavour.  On the side you can help yourself to some tea or you can order some cold drinks.  There are only a few variations of choices, and that is why you come here, the chicken and rice… oh, and the sauce!




When we got home, my star bro-in-law surprised me with a bottle of the sauce! Anyone in Ireland want to try some??

If you’re wondering, the dish is really quite similar in taste and appearance to the chinese bat cheet gai.


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