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Hong Kong-

Is a very, very special place.  It’s many things, depending where you are in the small area of space we call Hong Kong, it can be a combination of a chaotic, raw, confined, roaring mess; contrasted by beautiful, amalgamation of modern culture and thwarted histories.  It is densely populated.  It is the product of its colonial past.  Despite the old, it is a progressive place with an undying desire to grow and renew itself.

People here are proud and open-minded in some regards; they work extremely hard and also eat like at all hours.  It also has an international population with lots of expats choosing to reside in the bustle.  Food culture in Hong Kong can be extremely interesting.
There are the tourist must-sees, and also the new movers & shakers who are doing cool new shite.









First night I landed and my friends were off to Yardbird.  They heard about it on the Peninsula blog but I was super excited because Yardbird was genuinely on the list!  This trip was off to a great start.

We ordered up a storm. One of our friends is vegetarian, and we found the menu very veg-friendly with lots of mushroom and vegetable dishes. Take for example, the sweetcorn tempura, grilled mushroom, and KFC (korean fried cauliflower).  Honestly, not much of a sacrifice, because it all tastes amazing.  You didn’t even notice!

After finishing the meal, one of our friends called the establishment – a hipster gathering. I was a bit surprised, but the atmosphere feels like you’re actually NOT in Hong Kong. The food and service are both quite North American, and the diners are a mix of locals and visitors with a mosaic of different-sounding languages being spoken. One thing that is constant though, that everyone is enjoying the conversation and the Yakitori (Japanese-styled bbq). Since its opening, it has received much praise and lots of accolades (here and here), which may be attributed to the fact that there really isn’t anything else like it in Hong Kong.

[apologies in advance for the photos, I was camera-less]



From the top-left:

[1]Sweetcorn Tempura

[2]Grilled Mushroom

[3]KFC: Korean Fried Cauliflower, yuzu-chili




Overall I was inspired by the savoury asian flavours presented in a snack-styled bar.  The food was satisfying and the KFC was one of my faves.  It had a thin coating of sweet chili and tangy soy batter…. and i believe the chicken is confit and grillé-ed.  A definite must try.  No bookings, just turn up.

There you are, yet another amazing inspiring food pioneer hailing from Canada.  🙂


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