Christmas Prep! Fitness edition

Guys, I’m going to be writing here a bit about sport and fitness in the next little while.


The goal is to make getting active more relatable and hopefully it inspires you to stay healthy- especially after all that Christmas food love!  The way I see it, if you’re going to enjoy the food, you’re also going to have to pay for it – by burning the energy/calories up!!

I want to give you an strategies.  Give you an idea that, hey, someone else sometimes hates the activity and can’t get motivated but that’s life!  Getting active doesn’t always have to happen in the gym, because I know some of you are thinking the gym is not a fun place.  Just start somewhere!


Trouble getting to the gym? Here are some strategies

[One] Pick a gym that is SO close to either work or home that
it’s undeniable that you must get through the door of the gym – reduce the odds of skipping

[Two] If you have troubles getting there, either make an appointment with a friend, trainer, or schedule yourself for class – then you have to show up

[Three] Think about how well you will feel after your work out and sweat out that stress – visualise and feel smug about it

[Four]  Find the WHY – do you want more fitness or more tone or to lift more set goals based on your motivations and stick to them – Dangle the right carrot in front of you

[Five]  If you are weary, buy a pair of new pants. A new pair of Lululemon usually makes me want to work at

[Six]  Don’t eat crap the day before, you will regret it when trying to lift yourself and it the next day

[Final Words]
Rules for spin, please please please, do not eat a burrito in any way
shape or form before class. Why? Because everyone pays

Switch up your workout if it’s always spin, your body will get used to
it and so will your mind. You’ll be completely bored.

Don’t know what to do? Join a class, employ a good trainer, or take a friend.

Find the best time for you and your schedule to get in the gym I like
evening workouts but some people love first thing in the morning.  Them disciplined smug bishes – yes, sometimes I’m a morning-hater.

-Good luck!

(don’t forget to enter the Knorr draw for 5 hampers this week!)

Next up: Ten BIG mistakes I made as a nube to cycling 



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