RECIPE-Tonight means mass, carols or just mulled wine

A few years ago, we took an enchanting Christmas market tour starting in Budapest, down the Danube River through the different cities of Bratislava, Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, and Passau.  If you ever want to be enchanted by a white and chilly Christmas filled with snow and warmed by Glühwein (mulled wine), stuff your belly with more WURST than you can handle, and enjoy some classic gingerbread, linzer torte, opera cake, the list goes on…. I’d suggest a christmas tour.
Well anyhow, I tell you this because that was my introduction to mulled wine.  Essentially, it spells Christmas in a cup! It seems like it’s much more prevalent in Europe than North America, but I could be wrong.
It’s Christmas eve and there is absolutely nothing better to enjoy than this. So I think I’ll share our joy with you and your family.  It comes highly recommended!
This season we made quite a few batches and it really helped me get in to the hospitable festive season! Hopefully you can have some friends and family over to enjoy this heart-warming treat.  You can also bottle it up in heat-proof glass jars and keep in the fridge for the occasional sneaky glass.
(good to go)
– Good Luck!
hints: try a bit of grapefruit for a sweet zingy acidity
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