Brown Thomas sandwiches?

[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service: generally helpful & warm

Likelihood to return: returned twice already

Food/Coffee: Food 3.5/5, Coffee 3/5.

Chillness: 3.8 chill chairs!

Highlights: variety & all-day breakfast items 


You’re done the door crashing for Stephen’s day sales- Good. When you’re in town shopping though, ever discover that at about noon you are famished and need some fuel?
I know the perfect pit stop. It isn’t the first place that comes to mind when asked to suggest a place for all-day breakfast or a quick snack, but look, keep an open mind and the possibilities are endless.

The restaurant on the top floor of Brown Thomas has a few new nibbles for you. Not only is the space and ambiance of this place great, I am in love with the decor from the retro hex tiles to the 60’s style upholstered chairs. The colour scheme is warm greys, wood panelling, steel blue chairs and touches of yellow.

Here is why it’s worth a shot, there’s a brand new menu!

IMG_8836 IMG_8834

Who designed the menu?

Chef Kevin Garrigan teamed up with Patrick Guilbaud to design a new menu to draw the masses and give it a facelift.

Who’s responsible for executing the food?
Chef Kevin Garrigan has a long list of accolades, working for several years at the Shelbourne Hotel. I had a moment to chat with him about what’s to come and it sounds new and exciting!

is there afternoon tea, you ask?
They are looking to launch a special fashion-inspired afternoon tea

What kind of coffee?
Badger & Dodo or Java Republic, at your request. There is a price difference but you may ask for your preference




  • fantastic proper salads plated & pretty
  • all day breakfast
  • drop in for a champagne treat
    -affordable piece of afternoon cake


  • you need to walk through three floors of retail space to get to it unless you take the lift
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