Hong Kong is the ultimate travel hub for most of Asia.  Travel to most of South East Asia can be made through transfers through the HK airport.
We arrived in Siem Reap on Tuesday morning just before noon. As I write this, I’m excited with anticipation of seeing a completely new culture. (obviously I wrote this with every hope of posting this earlier)  What I’m not doing well with is the thought of 30+ weather. All I hope for is less humidity –  nope, no such luck.
We walked out of the airport, past the drivers offering transfers to the hotel, looking for these ‘Tuktuks’. Now, the sun and humidity were beating down, and we weren’t so sure where to find them.  Luckily enough, our friend D chatted up ‘Chet’ who took us over to his tuktuk, just outside the airport gates. He strategically fit all our bags into the motorised rickshaw and checked into our hotel.

Here are the top temples on our list: 

Lady Temple (Banteay Srei)

Pre Rup. (Prae Roup)

Angkor Wat

Ta Prohm

We made it to Banteay Srei, the Lady temple, and watched the sun set from the Prae Roup. The Ladies temple is known for its intricate and numerous seductive lady figures carved throughout the monument.  Our tuktuk driver, Chet, seemed to know the drill.  He took us to Prae Roup, along with all the other tourists to watch the sunset.  What a beautiful place, I had a fantastic time running around catching the setting light – also lost the group a few times. Prae Roup had steep-as-hell stairs to the sky it seemed.  If you are afraid of heights, i’d say stay far away from the edge.  There are no railings except on the stairs.  After sunset, we headed to Pub Street in Siem Reap for dinner.
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Weds Morning


When did i get up this morning, 4:30 am. 😐  This exciting hour calls for coffee and not much else, but instead we shuffled ourselves down to the lobby to meet our TukTuk driver, Chek. (HINT: Bring a flashlight/torch & bug spray!)  Off to another sunrise with about 500 other tourists at Angkor Wat.  I said in Hawaii, that I wouldn’t ever get up on holiday for another sunrise, but I made an exception.  This is Cambodia and it’s phenomenal
This was the most interesting experience, rushing to find the best photo spot, but not to worry, i used my elbows.  The most interesting bit proceeded not to be the sunrise, rather the vendors at the gates greeting us with names like Harry Potter no. 5, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and none other than James Bond!  They were selling hot tea, coffee, and other breakfast items.   Harry potter even gave us some photo tips.  As instructed, we stood near the pond past all the crowd to the very left of the path so as to capture all five peaks of the domed temple.  We explored after sunrise, and came back to have a coconut shake at Harry potter’s place.
Next stop, we visited Ta Prohm known for its characteristic tree roots and eerie feel.  Restoration works have been going for years now, but during our visit, they worked industriously still chipping away at the rock and filling crumbling pillars.  After losing my group once again, we were templed out for the day and caught some much needed R’n’ R at the beautiful pool.
That night we hit the night market full of various textiles, endless scarves, and local street food. (tarantulas and bugs in syrup!) Nope didn’t have the gutts.
And that was cambodia.

I’ll tell you about our cooking class & stay next time 🙂

If you’ve been to Cambodia what were your highlights?? Comment below.

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