RECIPE – Sourdough Pancakes

Not to worry, I know that I’m about 2 to 3 years late to the game of sourdough and all the cool kids are already done with this, but hey better late and really passionate than never –  I think.
So, after a little scare last week where I thought I killed my sourdough mother, I revived it.  These were a bit tart/sour, hence, sourdough.
I think it just takes a bit of getting used to, but still delicious and even better as a savoury crepe.  I took a departure off the path of the recipe because after attending the Real Bread Ireland meeting, I was convinced to try things made exclusively with the sourdough as a rising agent (sans bicarbonate). Personally I do not have any aversion to it, as it is in the ‘generally regarded as safe’ (GRAS) food additives – it’s fine, nothing will happen to you if you eat bicarb.  seriously.
I’ve now made two recipes with the sourdough, and one thing that one must get accustomed to is the wait time.  You mix the starter to make a so-called ‘sponge’ first and then let it do it’s work!  Loads more wait time involved, but this is well worth it.
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