Where to go for ‘cultural’ food in Dublin

So many complain (or give out) about the quality and authenticity of ethnic food here in Dublin.  Fridays for the following month are going to be devoted to ethnic foods I love, because variety is the spice of life!


I won’t say we have the best offering of multicultural food, but what I can do is hopefully get you excited to try something new.  I think there is a certain curiosity because so many of us travel abroad and explore different cultures. We start off at Zaika, one of my faves!


Zaika’s actually an Indian take away.  Yes, I know, please judge me.  My best Indian friend swears by their lamb biryani – Spiced and hot with cardamom, clove, star anise, and coriander it’s also served with yoghurt.
As I sit here waiting for my order, my ears are ‘massaged’ with the top 40 pop countdown, Justin Bieber (the biebz himself). I smell the spices wafting towards me and have counted the number of Indian people that walk into the shop – because that’s always a good measure, we are 3/4, not bad right?


Lamb biryani and chickpea curry (chana masala) with naan. The other day I saw someone order a spinach dish (palak/ paal paneer), something I’m going back for! The Naan is fresh made in the tandoori when you order and yes, they also do delivery.
It isn’t highlighting Irish food per se, but what it is doing is bringing diversity to the market. A little fact here, that 58% of Irish shoppers in a 2013 survey said they looked at the origin label when shopping for food. – ok bit of a tangent, just saying, not all food we buy is local.


Source: Bord Bia

Source: Bord Bia


Youseff, the cook generously agreed to share a bit of his skill with me. So look back to some additional posts on our cook session! (yea, kind of nerdy and really love Indian food)

I’d love to hear what gets you excited about food in Dublin. Don’t forget to comment below.
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