INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s DAY Features #repicturewomen

Because the world needs you to change it. – Lean


This Sunday is International Women’s Day and to celebrate, I have selected a few creative risk-takers, who I’ve met through food, to share about what they do and how they stay motivated!  I hope this will empower others to take leaps and encourage authentic individualism. Rethink the identity of women in our daily interactions; in leadership, at work, online, and at home.


Feminism has been prominent in the media and policy space lately.  From the UN to Getty images, this must mean we are taking notice that social change needs to happen.  My image of a strong woman used to be a girl playing sports or demonstrating masculine qualities like being strong, but that is changing. We, (men & women) perpetuate these ideas but we need to break these stereotypes.


I am really excited to share this with you and hope that you will check back throughout the month for the features of these diverse international women from around the world!  – FIRST Post is Sunday, 8th of March!

Empower, Encourage, Accompany

Empower – feel the capacity to achieve what you want to accomplish
Encourage – lend support  to keep someone going
Accompany – be the company present in someone else’s struggle.

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