Sophie’s for Brunch!

[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service:  Prompt & friendly

Likelihood to return: I’d be keen to have a late drink!

Food/Coffee: Food 2.5/5, Coffee 3/5.

Chillness: 4.5 chill chairs!

Highlights: the view



It’s quite the place the Dean Hotel, I’m sure most Dubliners would agree you’re transported to a different place when you walk through the doors. It’s a boutique hotel located in Georgian Dublin on Harcourt St.  The interior feels as if you’re in a trendy New York hotel and Sophie’s is on the  top floor.


Sophie’s is so aesthetic, you’re surrounded by windows and it boasts, likely, one of the best views in Dublin aside from the Guinness storehouse and the Marker Hotel’s Rooftop bar. It has stark black and white tiles and you can see into the kitchen which adds to the atmosphere.   The bar in the middle of the restaurant is one of my favourite elements. They have not spared any expense.



As far as food goes, we were optimistic.  After all it was a brilliant place. We had lots of brunch! But, as one of our friends put it “Well they could have done a little bit with the presentation?” If you’re looking for hard poached eggs that took a tan sesh under the heat lamp, then sure, here you are.  The staff were accommodating and friendly.


Despite all this our experience was great the drinks were fabulous and overall it’s one of the most enjoyable views.  This place is stunning. It has a lot going for it so we hope it only gets better.

What have your experiences been like I’d love to hear that give us a shout!

Check back on Sunday for our next Feature in the Women’s Day Series!


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