PROJECT – BLACKOUT, food & music in the dark


The last couple months has been a whirlwind of ideas and exciting times.  The newest projects I get to tell you about is Blackout an immersive, multi sensory, contemporary music concert series with Kirkos Ensemble taking place in the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.


The idea surrounds three dark pieces, performed in darkness.  The goal is to create an extraordinary ambience by making sure that we have total control over what you can see, and over what you can’t.  By depriving your eyes, other senses can can be heightened.


A fascination of mine is creating ways to shape or recontextualise the role of food or music in our lives. Food and music have both been instrumental elements of how I express or experience the day to day.  It’s fitting that I get to tie together the science of the senses with the textures of melodies, tones, and pitches of this performance.  Kevin from Gruel Geurilla will be sourcing foods that grow or  thrive in the dark and you will get to take in a innovative sensory experience of complementary tastes and smells with some of the most talented musicians in Ireland.



If you think this sounds interesting, and you want to take part in this tangled web of senses and ideas be an early adopter of the project, make it happen here:
I can’t wait to share more!


These are the three concerts.

The first two were composed and premiered during the war or symbolise themes of war.  In July there will be a performance of new pieces composed by young Irish composers in response to either of these pieces.  You’ll find that both the Quatuor pour la fin do temps (the quartet for the end of time) and Different Trains, are very dark, but also play on dissonance of tones and rhythms.

Concert 1 :: May 8/9 :: Le Quatour Pour La Fin Du Temps by Olivier Messaien

Concert 2 :: June 12/13 :: Different Trains by Steve Reich

Concert 3 :: July 18/19 :: Harry Patch by Sebastian Adams

Tickets are currently only available via FundIt – booking during the campaign is recommended as capacity is very limited.


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