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LITFEST Lessons Learned

Highlights: we got in a great conversation with David Lebovitz whose recipe aided in my first successful batch of french macarons.

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Lit fest has something for everyone, from the casual partygoer who goes for the live music and craft beer in the big shed to the serious food journalist.  The cooking demos, cocktail talks and coffee cupping keep it interactive- what’s not to love.  By far the most important thing for me was to set an intention for going prior to making the journey down.  I didn’t want it just to be a feeling of ‘i’m here because everyone’s here’, rather, I wanted to really get something out of it.  I was captivated by the story of three generations of cookery writers in the Allen family.  At the heart of it, the Litfest is ultimately a food literature and writing event.  SO, how did i do in reaching these intentions? — only alright.


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After missing last year’s Ballymaloe Lit fest, I decided that I wouldn’t miss another opportunity to see what seems to be the largest gathering of food community, enthusiast, writers, and drinks specialists.  The festival brings international names like Tim Wendelboe, Ottolenghi, Noma’s René Redzepi to Ireland.  This year inspirational food pioneer Alice Waters from Chez Panisse, and another, David Lebovitz pastry chef and writer, who i have been following since i knew what blogs were, came to speak.  There were a few challenges that stood in the way of me going to the festival, but they were sorted with a bit of compromise.


The talks and wonderful food stalls were great, but many of the ideas I came away from this weekend were through conversations with like-minded ‘food-crazy’ people at the event.  It’s hard to capture the mood and magic of the weekend.  It must be a combination of pure craic, the only kind you can get in Ireland (yes, i said it), strong literary culture, and some of the highest quality of food/ producers in the world.     Oh yes, and it helps that the whole event takes place in a working farm, not the usual convention centres where these events are often held.


Met some people who, like me, were also fascinated with ‘curated’ meals with a multi sensory component.  I.e.) using meals to create conversation about a specific topic, or reframing food  through thought-provoking experiences.
I can’t get over how food is able to bring people together!

2015_05_Litfest15-3729 2015_05_Litfest15-3733 2015_05_Litfest15-3735 2015_05_Litfest15-3739

Ballymaloe Lessons learned:
1) hustle for the talks so you don’t miss them, no time of socialising if your talk is coming up!
2) whatever you do, book accommodation early!
3) volunteer, give your time it’s a rewarding way to meet other people
For more reading: see The Family Behind Ireland’s Artisanal-Food Renaissance The Wall Street Journal. 30 March 2015
Photos featuring: Mrs.Marta @loaf_story
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Camerino Bakery, Dublin

[SHORT, Quick Lovin’ ]

Service: fab smiles & take-away

Likelihood to return: 4/5 

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5, Coffee 4/5.

Chillness: 4 chill chairs!

Highlights: one of the few places in the city where you will find Roasted Brown coffee & fresh baked bread in-house


North of the river, most of the places I frequent gravitate around a 1 km-radius of Capel street. Shameful, I know.   Sushi, Indian, Brother Hubbard, and now Camerino’s!  A cafe that started as a bakery, but now has a new face on Capel street.
You need to go check this place out, and here’s why:
They do coffee.  (I don’t mention that unless it’s worth mentioning)
Daily lunch offerings are wholesome, filling, and homey.  But really now, a place that does sweet treats and makes sandwiches from their own fresh house-made bread.  Caryna and Julie are the lovely mainstays, you are always greeted with a smile that will warm your heart.  The display window is filled with pretty cakes, and shelves stocked with Canadian maple syrup. Caryna has an amazing way of making people feel right at home.
You may recognise Caryna’s face from the similarly delicious Caryna’s Cakes, who supplies cakes to a cafes in the Dublin area.  It boasts an award-winning Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie!  Cakes can also be made to order, cycling cakes, ninja turtles, all can be a special ordered.
Camerino-1931 Camerino-2002 Camerino-1999
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Holidays at Fallon & Byrne

One of Dublin’s Fine Food & Wine Market, Fallon & Byrne put on a ‘meet the producers’ evening.  Being new to the city, I felt that it was great exposure to some of the local food.

We met included some local producers; amazing cheese makers, like Dominique Bouchait ‘meileur Ouvrier de France class Fromager 2011′ best cheese French Cheese maker 2011. Took home only a taste of Napoleon cheese made with sheep’s milk, but it was a delightful night full of christmas gift ideas.  Snacks from ‘the GOOD SNACK co.’ and Spice sachets from ‘Green Saffron’.
I am sensing that Ireland has much fresher food than we do in the mid-permafrost prairies of Alberta, but that might just be perception.  Great holiday selection of wines, and don’t forget about your mulled wines. (Can’t Wait!)  Convenience foods are definitely not lost here- Fallon & Byrne has in-house prepared liver paté, christmas pudding, tahini, pesto and more.  And lastly, who could forget a flashy pour-over bar right?  Thanks to the Hasbeen coffee beans they sell we were able to partake in some deliciousness!  I would say there are many more cafe’s to check out in this city – today I’m going off to Brother Hubbard.

Still searching for more Food and Coffee adventures! Send them my way. Also drop me a line and tell me how you’re all doing!

STAY TUNED for: HOMETOWN HEROES –  a highlight of influential people in Calgary. 

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Dearest Dublin: Week 1

Today is the beginning of Thursday. I mean to work on a few blog posts, mainly ones to mourn my hometown, Calgary (#yyc). I can’t believe it has been a week since the journey began! I am still getting acquainted with the idea that this isn’t a vacation, rather a long stay… I’m used to going away and returning home. But this IS home for now!

So welcome to Dublin, this is the view from my window. This week has mostly been administrative things, settling in. We took a bus trip out to ikea, picked up a so called ‘storage solution’ for my clothes and bought a bunch of kitchenware for me to begin baking!

We have checked out a few places, namely Coffeeangel and another local coffee hangout, 3 Floor Espresso (3FE)– both of which have very solid coffee. I think I might just be settling in! 🙂 Today will be the big deal of getting official papers sorted, the boring type of thing you don’t need to hear about.

The top left photo is from a walk down Grafton Street, one of the shopping streets frequented by tourists. Keywest is the name of this band, they told their story of busking for a couple years and they’ve been recently recording with the same producer as Katy Perry! #AWESOME.

Still searching for more Food and Coffee adventures! Send them my way. Also drop me a line and tell me how you’re all doing!

STAY TUNED for: HOMETOWN HEROES –  a highlight of hot & influential people in Calgary. So stoked!

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