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SLOW FOOD pop-up dinner tonight!


I’ve been a member of Slow Food and also followed the growth of the movement for many years. To clarify, slow food is not just the alternative to fast food; it’s an international organisation supports regional food production, encouraging people to eat clean and sustainable. It’s a grassroots movement that focuses on the enjoyment of food while being committed to the community and environment.

Tonight, Slow Food Dublin’s is turning the spotlight on food waste. We’re gathering community for dinner & hosting speakers at the Dublin Co-Op on Newmarket Square, Dublin 8.

The goal is to raise awareness of food waste in our own homes and communities and ways in which we can all help. Plus hopefully raise some funds for various campaigns.

Have you seen this previous projects Food Cloud & Feeding the 5000  

Here is our lineup of speakers:

Mindy O’Brien from VOICE – Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment
Liz Fingletion & Kate Cronin from Obeo – Fuss-Free Recycling
Tony Lowth from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin Organic Community Garden

Tickets are: €15 Slow Food members & €20 non-members & are available at the door.
Click here to book in.

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Food Cloud Feast – feast, not waste


I know life is cyclical and so are its seasons. Ever feel like you have a creative block where you don’t feel the drive for discovering and or searching for wonderment, but it’s just going about the days and you’re tired but you can’t break out of the cycle.  I call that creative death – whatever you call it, it’s a motivational low.  There can be exciting things happening around you, your days are packed and there is meaning to what you do don’t get me wrong, but there’s just a lethargy about it.

The last couple weeks has been absolutely full of fun food events, I’m ecstatic that I’ve met such a variety of amazing people here.  There is no doubt that Dublin is a vibrant and growing city, but  I suppose when there’s so much happening I get lost in all the action.

Last night was a real awakening. The Food Cloud Feast was held at the stunning Smock Alley theatre. It was to bring about knowledge and attention to food waste & the Food Cloud the app.    Food Cloud is a dynamic project by Iseult & Aoibheann aimed at helping get food surplus from food RETAIL level to charities serving high needs areas in Dublin.

Foodcloud-3 Tesco “We think it’s a brilliant idea “

We were fed a serious feast! Sophie Morris, of http://sophiekooks.com/ prepared a delightful Indian-themed menu including poppadoms, spiced rice dishes, and a lamb korma curry.  The spice was just right.  It prepped us for the panel discussion regarding food waste – why it happens, who are the key players, whose role is it to fix it, and what effect it has on Dublin, Ireland and beyond.

Most surprising to me was that retail giant Tesco was also present for the discussion.  Everyone from policy-makers, chefs, retailers, pub owners, foodies and the like were all present.  A group that honestly spanned all ages. The whole evening brought about awareness to food insecurity in our country and the excess in which we live; that is, in order to keep retail food shelves stocked with the selection we see on a daily basis, there are business models in which retailers replenish food and circulate it to get shelves looking as full and enticing as possible.  I think awareness is the first step of understanding the food system and the needs that exist, but what stirs about change for an individual is a movement of people committed to a similar goal.  Thanks gals for inspiring so many to know more about food waste and how we can spur on change. Truly leading by example.

Have you seen this previous post Dearest Dublin: Week 3 – Love food, don’t waste food, #FEEDING5K  

I’ve been sitting on an idea to discuss food retailers (Tescos, Aldi, Lidl, etc) and their power in the food system.  Starting next week, I think I’ll try to write a series about this power and what it means for us as consumers.


[ABOVE PANEL: Oisín Quinn, The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Emer Costello, Labour Party’s MEP, Eoin MacCuirc, Bia FoodBank, Odile LeBolloch, EPA]

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